Aramco and DHL Launch Asmo to Enhance Energy Supply Chains

“Saudi Aramco” and “DHL” have announced the establishment of “Asmo,”
aiming to enhance the efficiency of supply chains in the energy, chemicals, and industrial sectors.
The joint project aims to find sustainable solutions for modern supply chain challenges
according to statements by the Chairman of “Asmo,” Salem Al-Hareesh.






The new company seeks to promote the economic interests of “Saudi Aramco” and “DHL,”
contributing to industrial growth in Saudi Arabia, the Middle East, and North Africa.

The strategic goal of “Asmo” is to achieve a national vision that positions the Kingdom as a global logistics center,
as stated by the Executive Vice President for Technical Services at “Saudi Aramco,” Wael Al-Jafary.

This initiative aligns with the Kingdom’s efforts to strengthen its global trade position,
reflecting its initiatives aimed at developing the industrial sector.

In October 2022, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman launched a national initiative for global supply chains,
with the aim of enhancing the Kingdom’s role as a key hub in global supply chains.


The new project aims to break free from the constraints of traditional procurement and logistics services,
adapting to the evolving trends in global supply chains.

“Asmo” is considered the first center in the region to provide comprehensive and integrated supply chain services in the energy,
chemicals, and industrial sectors.

The company will redefine the processes of purchasing, storing, and transporting goods and services within the Kingdom,
the Middle East, and North Africa, aiming to enhance efficiency and provide economic savings.

Through its unique mediation model, “Asmo” will connect suppliers with customers,
potentially reducing the need for inventory retention and contributing to cost reduction and savings in procurement,
logistics, and inventory operations.

This allows customers to focus on their core business activities and alleviate operational burdens,
according to the company’s statement.



Aramco and DHL Launch Asmo to Enhance Energy Supply Chains

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