Funded Trader Program

Our Funded Trader Program is the perfect way for you to trade with OUR money and enjoy the fruits of your success. Put your skills, market knowledge, and insightful strategies to work and profit from your winning trades with an account funded by us.

Find out more about being a Funded Trader and Join the team!

Two Ways to Access Our Funded Trading

It doesn’t take much for you to join pipsvalue growing community of Funded Traders.

All you have to do to be part of this select group is to have a verified trading account with us. You can do this in one of two ways:

1. Pay a one-time fee of $100 for instant funding and trade free of pressure to hit a profit target. If you do grow your equity by 10%, you could be eligible to scale up to the next level.

2. Complete an evaluation through the pipsvalue Challenge. There’s a sign-up fee starting from $29 and, once you pass, you’ll gain access to a live Funded Trading Account.

By joining our program, you get free access to Pipsvalue Academy’s bespoke educational dashboard. This will equip and empower you with the skills, knowledge, and tools you need to succeed as a Funded Trader. Not only will you trade our funds, but you’ll also benefit from free eBooks, 50+ online educational courses, webinars, market news, and tools. All in one place!

Apply today, gain access to our financial resources, and grow your trades to new levels.

How to Become a Funded Trader


Sign up with your documentation and verify your Funded Trading Account with pipsvalue.


Pay the one-time fee, starting from $100 for instant funding, or complete and pass your evaluation through the pipsvalue Challenge.


Welcome to our team of expert traders! You are now a Funded Trader.

Start Trading

With our financial and educational support. Receive a fully funded live trading account that can be scaled up to $500,000 if you repeatedly hit your targets.

From Zero to Pipsvalue Hero

Show us what you’ve got as a Funded Trader.


A Funded Trader is someone – you! – who trades using the capital of a proprietary trading firm – us – rather than your own money. Unlike solo trading, it means not all of the profits you earn are yours to keep but, on the flip-side, it means you have no liability for any losses you make.

You will be able to keep 70% of your profits. This is the same across all levels of our Funded Trading Accounts, from Mini to Master. Your profits are paid out on a monthly basis and, if you make a withdrawal, the funds should be in your bank within 48 hours. Be aware that, at the time your payout is due or requested, no single trading day should make up 30% or more of your total profits. If it does, you will forfeit the profits for that day.

The beauty of being part of our Funded Trader Program is that you have no liability for losses, otherwise known as drawdown. That’s because you’re trading with our money. At each funding package level, there is an overall and daily drawdown limit. If you exceed this limit, any open positions will be closed and your account will be disabled. Here’s an example of how it works on our Mini account: Overall Drawdown The limit is set at 9% This is calculated based on the initial balance, which for a Mini account is $3,000 Therefore, the balance of your account cannot fall below $2,730 Daily Drawdown The limit is set at 6% This is calculated based on the balance at the start of each trading day Let’s assume you made $200 profit on day one of trading and started day two with a balance of $3,200 In this scenario, the balance at the end of day two cannot fall below $3,008

If you return a 10% profit, you’ll be eligible to scale up your Funded Trading Account to the next package. The only exception is with a Mini account, where scaling is not available. Above that, though, a 10% profit will enable you to level up and increase your funding – from $10,000 at Bronze all the way to $500,000 if you become a Master. It’s also important to note that, if you hit your 10% target, you have a choice between withdrawing your profits or scaling up. You cannot do both.

You can trade forex, commodities, indices, shares, NFTs, and crypto CFDs – whichever markets suit your knowledge and strategy. Find out more about the various markets with TenTrade as well as our instrument specifications.

If you sign up for our Funded Trader Program you’ll use MetaTrader 5. It’s a slick, simple platform that’s popular among beginners and pros alike, so you can count on its superb functionality.

We operate under the strictest international laws, so you can rest assured that your money will be fully protected. Any funds, including unrealised profits, are held in separate trust accounts with AA- graded banks while our technology is fully encrypted with Secure Sockets Layer to guard against fraud. We also have a risk management system that ensures your balance will never fall into the negative.