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Empower your trades with trading central's cutting-edge tools Elevate your trading strategies with real-time insights and expert analysis for more informed decision-making process

Discover TRADING CENTRAL Tools: Your Path to Smarter Investing

Trading Central is a multiple-award-winning provider of cutting-edge market analysis tools and insights that can assist you in making more intelligent and well-informed investment decisions.

By utilizing the suite of tools and services provided by Trading Central, you will gain access to sophisticated technical analysis, comprehensive market news and data, and personalized investment recommendations Signals.

Whether you are an experienced trader or a novice, Trading Central provides the knowledge and assistance you need to accomplish your investment objectives.

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What tools from TRADING CENTRAL you'll get with pipsvalue?


Daily Analysis

You will receive a daily summary of the most important expected market moves with a presentation of the prevailing scenario and the alternative scenario through email.


Analysts' Views

Brief analyses on more than 72,000 financial instruments and accompanied with modern and interactive data visualizations.


Advanced Economic Calendar

With actionable macroeconomic data, the Economic Calendar allows you to easily monitor, anticipate and act on potentially market-moving events. You can see the impact of past events on currency pairs and get special analysis of the events.



It is a tool for automated processing of the abundance of information and the natural language of human beings. By using artificial intelligence technology, you can get daily comprehensive media and social coverage of 35,000 investment tools in summary.


Featured Ideas

Featured Ideas enables you to select the right daily investment ideas. Learn about technical analysis and what each price pattern means for the investment tools you like and those you haven't thought of.


Web TV

Watch the latest news live from the New York Stock Exchange floor. Daily videos provide market commentary and investment ideas.